Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last Wednesday, my fliptop cell phone met its demise.  Because it was fried, I was unable to recover the phone directory.  Thursday evening I was in the Sprint store getting my new one with a touchtone screen.  With this, I was catapulted into the twenty-first century.  The touchstone screen locks so I can't inadvertently press the wrong thing.  I was advised that Sprint would be calling me within three days for a customer survey.  No problem.  They called the very next day.  As I listened, I was prompted to press 1.  Where's the "one"?  Where's the "one"?  I couldn't find it.  Oh, the pressure.  I lost the call.  Oh well....  The next challenges were receiving calls, but I'm improving.  When you get a call, you can't just say "Hello."   First you have to unlock the touchtone screen before pressing receive.  Then, while I had problems accessing the phone numbers in my contact list, I saw that my 10 year old granddaughter didn't.  I discovered that I was using too much pressure.  The next evening I saw a hummingbird and tried to take a picture with the phone.  After taking three pictures, I realized that I was taking a picture of my own eye.  Then, I realized that I was supposed to hold the phone so that I could see the picture before taking it.  Text message notices appear in the form of a cartoon "bubble".   If I'm quick enough in unlocking the screen and pressing the "bubble", I am able to read the message.  If not, I guess it goes into the "black hole" because when I go to "messages", unread ones are not there.  I've touched the "bubble" notice on the status bar 'till I'm blue in the face.  While I'm very grateful for the phone, I feel like the Webcam 101 for Seniors grandparents on YouTube.

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  1. Hi Grandma this is your 14 year old granddaughter on her touch screen cellphone!! :D Loved the post!