Monday, November 13, 2017

Exceedingly Busy Month

I was in New York for the month of October visiting my daughters, driving around researching answers for a need of a loved on.  Then unexpectedly, I spent about 10 days with my youngest granddaughters because each was home from school for five days on separate occasions, due to illness.  When the younger child returned to school, the older child became ill.

I was very, very busy.  I think I put about 600 miles in a borrowed car just doing local driving.  I appreciated the time I spent with my daughters and granddaughters.  And, I was very grateful to be needed.  Time is fleeting and every moment precious.

Here in San Diego, I've established a routine of exercise, knitting and teaching knitting, playing Words with Friends with mostly younger friends, staying up-to-date with social media, and occasionally meeting friends for lunch.

When I visit New York, I usually am able to visit long-time friends.  Not this time, though.

My friend, Katie, who always makes time to drive up from the City when I'm in town, joined me for lunch at Homespun Foods on Main Street in Beacon NY.  They have a garden in the rear of the restaurant.  It was a very busy place.  Since it was 'Second Saturday' in Beacon, I found the atmosphere chaotic. When we sat down in the garden, the scene was calmer, with the buzz of conversation from other tables.  I chose a cheese and fruit platter for lunch.  It was delicious and refreshing.  It was too large a serving for me, so home it came in a box. I do recommend this restaurant and would lunch there on another visit to New York.

One of my daughters decided I needed a break.  So, that same evening, she and her daughter drove to Beacon and took me to a painting class.  I chose a fairly simple painting to copy.  My daughter purchased a tiny bottle of wine for me, which I hardly touched.  Unlike all the other patrons, I was unable to relax as I worked on the painting.  My granddaughter suggested that next time, I just paint whatever I want....a good suggestion.  However, I don't know if there will be a 'next time.'  For me, it was too stressful.

My 'busyness' resulted in a month that just literally sped by.  Hopefully, next year, I'll visit more.  Maybe next year, I'll obtain colorful fall photos.  Maybe next year, we'll have time for a game of cards.  I always enjoy seeing my daughter's friends and all the delightful banter that ensues. 

Maybe next year, I'll visit Ireland and climb Croagh Patrick.  Maybe next year, I'll cruise through the Panama Canal.  I always wanted to go through the locks. That's why I wanted to go through the Canal instead of to the Canal.  Who knows what adventures I may enjoy next year.

I read that Tiffany's in New York opened a Cafe.  I will definitely 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' in the Spring.  It was one of my favorite movies, way back when.... 

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Monday, September 11, 2017

I'll Never Forget

I'm saddened, that in sixteen years we haven't learned that we, as a Nation, have a common enemy. Funny, how people can so easily forget tragedies when they aren't personally impacted.  We, Americans, are a generous and forgiving people.  Also, as a people, we are "on to the next thing."  As one of my daughters told me, "We must move on."  Move on, yes....but not forget.

On February 2, 1993, a truck bomb was detonated under the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  I commuted on the train and local bus with a woman who was at work that day.  She told me of walking down a smoke-filled stairwell.  The more detailed description of this horrific attempt to kill American civilians can be found in Wikipedia.

Eight years later, on September 11, 2001, it happened again.  This time there was a different set of characters, just as despicable.  Remember, eight years passed before this coordinated and heinous attempt to kill our civilians was carried out.  This time, though, there was planning.

President Trump, in an attempt to keep Americans safe, issued an 'Executive Order' suspending entrance to the United States by 'radical Islamist terrorists' from Nations known to harbor them.  A Federal Judge, in the Ninth Circuit Court in Washington State, blocked this 'Executive Order', thereby, in my opinion, exposing Americans to yet another horrific tragedy.  Where and how is yet to be seen and felt.  This edict was repeated by another Federal Judge in Hawaii.  Two other Federal Judges have acted in similar fashion.  Federal agencies, who are supposed to protect us are thwarted by their self-aggrandized leadership making decisions, under the guise of 'political correctness,' that only benefit themselves.  Remember these facts if there is a recurrence of an unspeakable attack on our Nation, since apparently anyone who wishes us harm seems able to enter our Country.

Don't get me wrong.  I thank God for the freedoms I enjoy.  But freedom doesn't mean tramping on another's religious or political belief, or shouting down a differing opinion.  Freedom doesn't mean we can harm persons or property just because we feel like it.  While we are free to disagree, remember a 'divided house will fall.'  For example, while some Americans are exercising their freedom of speech in the form of a protest,  some masked individuals attempt to change the intent of the protests into riots.  On the other hand, our enemies seem to have great patience in silently waiting until we, as a Nation, become more and more lax, less and less vigilant, and in need of unification.

I believe it would be beneficial to remind ourselves of the intent of our Forefathers, who wanted only good for our Nation.  I suggest you read The Constitution of the United States, or at least the first paragraph beginning with "We the People...."

Please remember those families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 in your prayers.  Those who experienced the horrors of that day here on our shores will never forget.

 Please pray for our Nation, for unity, common sense, and the safety of our people.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Texting Gone Awry

This morning I received a text from one of my daughters.  During a school fundraiser last Spring, the children were offered an opportunity to choose a name for the driveway to their school.  Her daughter's suggestion was selected and my daughter was advising a group of about 15 people who had donated to the fundraiser.

Part way through all the 'congratulatory messages' one of my other daughters asked her son, who was also on the chat, a question about the itinerary of an upcoming trip.  Then others in on this text stated that they also would like the information.  Then, I piped up stating that I, too, would like the information, advising them that I live vicariously through their adventures.  Then, the kidding started.  The cousins agreed that if they didn't get the itinerary, they wanted out of the group chat.  The next addition to the text were the words, "Tertiary recognition of motion" from my son who was also on this thread.

At that point, the mother of the winning child broke in to remind everyone that the chat was originally about the child, so no one was being removed.  She then added the question to the itinerary holder, "So, when are you arriving?" followed with a compliment to my son on his interjection of "Tertiary recognition of motion".   At that point, my daughter who originate all this hoopla, realized she should have texted her itinerary question privately.

One of the cousins, an engineer, texted, "I just learned how to use the word, 'motion,' as well."  This was followed by a question as to the person who wrote "Tertiary recognition of motion" since there were two members of the group with the same first name.  Then the wife of the person questioned about the itinerary texted her husband that she would also like to know the itinerary.

At that point, I laughingly shared that this would make a great blog post.  One cousin hoped I wouldn't use his name, adding that he never signed anything to allow it.  I reminded him that I never use names.  Then the wife of the grandson who knew the itinerary requested a 'fun' name.

Then the text originator alerted everyone that it was too much and to many people were on it.  This was followed by another family member saying he was disconnecting himself from the chat.

Following that, the winning child's father and members of his family joined in.  One of the cousins asked, "Who is this?"  The winning child's father's brother responded that he didn't even know anyone on the original chat.  He stated, "I have two chats going and I' confused. lmao." At that point, I texted, "Thanks for my morning laugh."  Then, the mother of the winning child came back on the scene, "Hi All." explaining the membership of the chat and put an end to the fun.  At that point, one of the chat members, who was previously disconnecting, texted, "I just pulled the spark plug out of my phone."

I will admit I found all the banter funny, but people do have jobs. 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Overcast and Gloomy in Clairemont

When I awoke at 6:30am, I saw that this day was starting out with gray skies.  Around 7:30am, I ventured out to morning Mass honoring the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  As I started the car, the windshield was covered with little droplets, which I felt as I left the building.  The windshield wipers did their job, but as I drove I realized that I had to continually use them.  Strange for San Diego in August.  As I reached the Mother of Confidence Church, in LaJolla, it was actually raining.  Again, in August?  WOW.

We often have gray clouds early in the morning, but it burns off around 9 or 10 am.  Not this morning.  The temperature remained cool for the whole day.  I chose to skip the pool.

Later in the afternoon, took a walk to Starbucks about one block away.  Haven't been there often, but when I have occasion to go in, I find the people, of all ages, quietly working on their computers. Some seem like students working together.  Older customers might be reading while they enjoy their coffee.  This Starbucks was the reason I pursued a home in this area.  Not because of the store, but the people I saw inside.  I reckoned that if this environment was calm and inviting, the neighborhood might be as well.  After a year of living in Clairemont, I found this to be true.

This cloudy day resulted in accomplishing laundry chores, knitting, etc.  No matter what the situation, what matters is how you use it.  Tomorrow, back to the pool.

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The Book of Micah by Catherine Hall (on Kindle and the Nook) 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I've been suffering from 'writer's block' for some time now.  A friend complained to me last week that when she checked my blog, the posting was old.  I decided to do something about it. When I saw the date of my last posting, I was shocked.  So much time had passed.  But, with my Words with Friends, photography, volunteer knitting of baby beanies for a local hospital, 2 - 3 mile daily walks, checking Facebook, Twitter and my emails, etc....what to do....what to do.

I decided that I could think about all the things I take for granted and those things for which I should be grateful.  I'm always verbally thanking the good Lord for all my blessings, but haven't put it in writing in a while.

When I complained about something a number of years ago, a friend said, "You should be thankful that you got out of bed this morning."  I immediately thought of his massive heart attack.  That statement jolted me into changing my perspective, that is, until I began to take it for granted all over again.  We do many things unconsciously until we're unable for whatever reason.  I guess that's just human nature.  We should be thankful we can see, talk, walk, and generally use all our senses.

This past May I traveled to New York for my grandson's graduation from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Even though it was rainy in Worcester with the cold temperature of 46 degrees, and I had not brought a coat, I was certainly grateful for the opportunity to attend.   My visit seemed to whoosh by me.  While I was in New York, my son-in-law pointed out the baby Robins nesting in behind their basketball backboard.

Being short of stature, this was the best photo I could get.  The baby robins were calling to their mother.  I suspect they were hungry.  However, a short time later, there she was sitting in the nest.

Brings me back to being thankful.  Thankful is a state of mind.  It's a choice.  Instead of concentrating on wants and perceived or real needs, it's best to think about our current situation and choose to dwell on what is good about it.  It's work, I will admit.  Frustration does rear its ugly head, but the practice of expressing gratitude is fruitful.  At least, I'm back to writing.  I still have a host of things I want to accomplish as well as a host of things I'd like to have.  I believe that there's nothing wrong with that as long as I maintain a balanced perspective. Thanks for letting me share.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Here and There

Scenes of Colorado


In November, I took a trip to spend Thanksgiving with our Colorado family who live near Denver.  I was surprised to find that the family did not live near the mountains.  The housing developments seem to have been planned with ponds and trails, enabling residents to enjoy the outdoors.  Every morning, and on some afternoons, I took long walks to take photos and get the overall feel of the area.  The walks were very pleasant.  Since it was colder than I, a resident of Southern California, was accustomed to, I bundled up with 'underalls', a long sleeve sweater, a puffy vest and a pashima shawl to cover my head.  I noticed that a number of walkers wore shorts.   As I walked past two people in shorts. I heard them discussing how unusually warm the weather was.  My attire must have looked ridiculous.

One day, I saw a hawk sitting atop a fir tree, but it was too far away for me to get a decent photo.  I'm including the photo of it flying away because I thought it was interesting.  Visiting the family was very enjoyable and Colorado is a beautiful place to visit.  I didn't know Denver had its own ocean in the sky, though.  Notice the whale in the pictures below.  I was as surprised as you might be.

In early December, my friend, Marge, invited me to accompany her on her trip to see her long-time friends near Phoenix, Arizona.  The ride was fun for me.  The last time I drove through Arizona was about 15 years ago.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to see the state again.   The expansive vista reminded me that the United States still has a lot of open land.  The picture below of the rolling hills, or dunes, was a sight to see.  As we passed them, I spotted riders on top of one of the hills just starting their descent.

The next day, we spent the afternoon visiting with Marge's very gracious friends near Phoenix. After a wonderful lunch and conversation, we were already planning a trip to Scottsdale.  I had hoped to connect with a good friend from New York, who now lives in Mesa the next day, but unfortunately I could not reach her.  With such short notice, that's the chance I took.

When we reached Scottsdale, we went directly to the mall.  I remarked to Marge, "They have a Dillard's."  I thought they were just a Texas store, but drove past one in Denver.  So that I could experience a visit to the store, off we went through what I considered a gigantic mall until we reached Dillards.  Their "Christmas" section was not easy to find, but we succeeded.

Then, off to the outside of the mall, to see what we could see.  As we walked along a side street with very interesting restaurants, we reached a beautiful sculpture of 'pony express' riders near the Marshall Way Bridge.  The name of the sculpture was  "Passing the Legacy" by Herb Mignery.  
Female Bronzed Cowbird

After crossing the bridge, we discovered Scottsdale's 'Old Town.'  There were a number of the Cowbirds in the trees like the one shown at right. This section of town was much more interesting to me, but we had walked for a long time. 

Perhaps, a future trip? 

View from Marshall Way Bridge

As we left Arizona the next day, we stopped at Gila Bend.  My daughters stopped there while driving through on a recent trip.  They returned with two beautiful yard sculptures. The store is shown below.  When we stopped, I took a picture of a restaurant near there.  The name, "Space Age", as well as the design was interesting, but maybe at another time.

I enjoyed my travels and am now hunkering down for the winter.

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