Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Back

First New York Snowfall Oct. 2011
Electricity, oh wonderful electricity.  Four days without it is a trip to "yesteryear."  Thankfully, my sons-in-law had wood and/or pellet stoves to provide heat.  Although, many people have endured worse and still don't have it.  Today's Poughkeepsie Journal relates that about 1100 people are still without power in that area.  A TV report (today) stated that other Northeastern states still have many users without electricity. 

Last winter, I gave my granddaughter a gift certificate for a tea party.  She went with her mother and had such a good time, they decided to take me on my next trip.  On Saturday afternoon, my daughter and 10 year old granddaughter took me to "The Cup and Saucer" on Main Street in Beacon, NY.  The tea sandwiches, scones and cookies were delightful.  The little sandwiches in various shapes were made of pumpkin butter, salmon cream, cucumber (my granddaughter's favorite), and egg salad.  We selected  Earl Grey tea and a chocolate mint tea.  The teapots were covered by tea cozies.  This brought back memories of my childhood.  We had a very nice time.  I definitely recommend this restaurant.  It's a great idea for people who take the train from New York City on the Second Saturday of the month .

While the snow was falling on Saturday night, we played a game called "Hedbanz".  You have a card in a headband on your forehead stating you are something, like a food item or a baseball, etc.   You have to ask questions of the others and guess what you are.  It was fun.  I think everyone enjoyed the evening.

Sunday was very quiet.  Soccer, as well as our possible mountain trek was cancelled.  I would never step out of the house in that weather.  In fact, I didn't leave the house for three days.  I live in San Diego to avoid weather like this.
Day after Oct 2011 Snow Storm

My visit to New York was a busy one.  I loved visiting with my children and grandchildren.  The grandkids are getting so tall, I have to look up at them to converse.   Also, I enjoyed seeing friends who could spare the time.

In an earlier blog, I said I would share about my $266 flight on Delta to and from Newburgh NY through CheapOAir.  I flew through Detroit and on the return trip, the agents asked for volunteers to give up their seat for a $400 voucher for a future flight, a first-class seat on a plane to Los Angeles, overnight stay and meals paid for by Delta, and a flight to San Diego in the morning.  I volunteered.  A female passenger stated that the plane was overbooked by 14 people.  I phoned my son and daughter-in-law to see if I could stay with them for the night instead of using a hotel.  My daughter-in-law invited me to stay the week.  That would have been great.  However, by the time the agents made the changes, I had no time to get to the gate for the flight to Los Angeles.  So, I continued on to San Diego. 

It was, as usual, a great trip, but I was glad to be back in my own bed in sunny San Diego.

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