Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter is almost here

U.S. Patent D486,953
Winter is almost here.  Here in San Diego, the temperature tonight is 53 degrees.  Tomorrow morning, it will be 45 degrees.  When the sun is out in the afternoon, the temperature is usually in the 60's.  However, once the sun goes down or it's cloudy, winter jackets are in order.  I have been busy knitting my "interlocking scarf" for some children in the family.    My scarf has unique features.  You can go here to read about them.  I believe that many Moms and caregivers would benefit from a scarf that a young child could put on unaided.  Anything that makes a Mom's life easier is worth creating.

Last year, I was in New York for 10 weeks (from January to March) in what was a very stormy, bitter winter.  Every time I went out, I would see little children with scarves tightly wrapped around them.  My scarf is much more comfortable and Mom doesn't have to wrap it multiple times and tie it behind the child's head.

I am interested in licensing my scarf.  You can contact me via e-mail at .  L.L.Bean, Target, Walmart, are you out there?

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