Monday, March 26, 2012

Famosa Slough Visit

I visited the Famosa Slough here in San Diego last week.  Since it's a wetlands frequented by resident and migratory birds, I like to check out any new birds that might stop by.  I've photographed the Snowy Egret a number of times, but to have seen it getting its meal was quite a coup.

Snowy Egret Fishing for Lunch
Snowy Egret Owns the Place

Little Blue Heron with Lunch
A Little Blue Heron came by for his lunch but he had to work harder.  Apparently after the Little Blue Heron succeeded in getting lunch, the Snowy Egret came to remind him whose yard it was.

A Great Blue Heron was quite a distance from me, but I was able to get a picture as it took off.

Great Blue Heron Taking off for the Day

In an earlier article about the Cabrillo National Monument, I identified a little bird as a Pacific-slope Flycatcher.  I compare my pictures with since I'm learning.  Later, I decided to re-check with the Friends of Famosa Slough. An e-mail with my photograph was sent to other birders and they responded that it looked more like a Lesser Goldfinch.  These people are very gracious and helpful to a newbie. 

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