Thursday, April 18, 2013

US Marine Boot Camp

This past week I attended the graduation of my eldest grandson from the US Marine Boot Camp.    The new recruits go through very rigorous training and I'm proud of my grandson for having completed it.  Although I am not a hawk, I do believe that we must stand strong against tyranny and protect ourselves as a nation.

It was so impressive to see that these young recruits were not only instructed in physical exercises, but they were shown the importance of character and commitment.   In fact, the principles instilled in every Marine is Honor, Courage and Commitment.  Everywhere I went on Base, young men greeted me, shoulders back, with a respectful, "Good afternoon, Ma'am."  It is so refreshing and, yes again, impressive.

I pray God's blessing and protection upon these new Marines, as they live and honor their commitment.

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