Thursday, July 24, 2014

Great Week

After returning from New York in mid-June, I was assailed by a terrible head cold.  I spent three weeks getting over it.  Three quarts of Wonton Soup from the Mandarin Wok in Clairemont helped immensely.

This past Saturday, I attended the birding tour presented by the Friends of Famosa Slough in San Diego.  On this day, there were only three of us with the leader, Barbara.  I try to go every month because I learn something each time.  The tour leaders are very knowledgeable.  Because there were only three people Barbara was able to go into depth for the other guests were attending for the first time.  I reaped the benefits.  Barbara heard a Clapper Rail hiding in the salt marsh, but we couldn't spot it.

The tide was low so we saw Fiddler Crabs and California Horn Snails.  A Snowy Egret was lying low to the ground to feed on something.  Then we saw two young Black-necked Stilts (photo below left).  The adults have a black back with reddish pink legs, but these young birds had a mixture of black and brown backs with very pale pink legs.

Young Black-necked Stilts
Clapper Rail

 The other two ladies had to leave to attend another event, so Barbara and I went to the west side of the Famosa Slough, which is across West Point Loma Boulevard.  We spotted a Clapper Rail (photo right).  The Clapper Rail seemed to be cautiously watching a Western Gull who arrived on the scene.  The Gull then spotted what looked like a dead fish and proceeded to feast.  That photo wasn't appealing.

On Monday, I met a friend, Diane, for lunch at Mimi's in Mission Valley.  We had an enjoyable time conversing as Diane's lunch was a salad with strips of chicken, and mine was a Spinach quiche with a side of fruit. While we choose different restaurants when we meet, Mimi's is convenient and always good. 

That evening, my son-in-law decided to make a "Thanksgiving Dinner" and suggested to my daughter that they invite me.  The table was set as it would be for Thanksgiving day.  The dinner was scrumptious.  I always make a great Sweet Potato Casserole with marshmallows, he one-upped me by adding a little bourbon.  Delish.  It was such a pleasant surprise to have this little celebration on a warm summer night.

On Tuesday evening, my daughter took the children and me to The Palette, the student-run restaurant at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute in San Diego. My daughter enjoyed a Melon soup as an appetizer, followed by Barbecued Short Ribs.  She gave me a tiny taste of each.  Nicely done.  She would have shared more, but then, I'd have no room for my meal, as my children say I eat like a bird.  My granddaughter and I each had a large root beer glazed pork shop with succotash and sweet potatoes with fennel.  My granddaughter was able to eat most of her pork chop.  I could only eat a little.  My grandson relished his chicken fingers, which I believe was really an appetizer. Dessert was a chocolate lava cake.  I skipped it, but the others informed me that it was absolutely delicious.  Everything tasted so good, we took what we couldn't eat home.  It was a very enjoyable meal.

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