Friday, November 7, 2014

Micah 31 years later

Thirty-one years today, Micah Christian Hall went to be with the Lord.   Micah lived 6 1/2 yrs with no center wall in his heart.  A piece of membrane created the chambers and the amount of blood that circulated into his lungs was five times the amount that circulated throughout his body.  This is how we understood it.  I believe that the medical term was a 'complete Atrioventricular canal defect.' Micah went to school and rode a big wheel, something his doctors and specialists never expected.

To quote his sister, Terese, "Micah was amazing, smart, so funny...and yes, he had Down Syndrome. Yet, for all of us, his 6 siblings, he was just Micah, no different than us and we loved him. Acceptance, understanding and love is the key!!" You can read about this in "The Book of Micah" (e-book) on Kindle and the Nook.

Last night, I received a call from my eldest.  Starting at 5:30am this morning, I received calls from two of my daughters and will definitely hear from the other three as the day goes on.  My children always remember the day Micah was born and the day he died.  Sometimes, life gets in the way for their mother and I may not remember until all the calls come in. 

I do remember, though, having my three eldest children in a large baby carriage in Canarsie (a section of Brooklyn NY).  An older woman walking by, stopped me, putting her hand on the carriage.  She said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk...poor thing." to a young lady by her side.  I remember feeling indignant.  I thought, "How judgmental."  We chose to have these children, who were born one year apart and we weren't on welfare or government assistance.  Now these children are accomplished adults and always look out for my welfare.

Having Micah, as well as his brother, Chris, and sisters, Beth, Ami, Bonnie, Terese and Becky was such a joy.  I am blessed with a wonderful family.  As a family, we were and still are very normal.  Over the years, we've experienced hard times and good times, but we are certainly blessed.  Also, I am so thankful that my children are so good to me.

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