Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bully's East

Last night my daughter and I were invited to a party for our friend Marge.  All her friends came together to celebrate her decision to retire from her employment and spend her time on other things.  The party of approximately 15 friends was held at Bully's East in the Mission Valley section of San Diego.  Unfortunately, because of traffic congestion, we were the last to arrive.  One of the other guests advised us that each guest had just shared how they met Marge.  It gave me the opportunity to share how Marge used to give me a ride home from a legal secretarial course at San Diego City College that she taught around 20 years ago.  Many in the room nodded, attesting that Marge's generosity and thoughtfulness was experienced by all.  It seemed to me to be an assent in unison.

When the server came for our dinner order, I chose a Surf and Turf Roll.  The menu said it contained Prime Rib, avocado, king crab and asparagus.  My daughter ordered a hamburger.  When the food arrived, I looked at the sushi on my plate.  I had not understood that it was exactly what I ordered.  When the server came back into the room, I ordered something else.  The sushi might have been very good, but it is not my 'cup of tea' so to speak.  I then ordered an appetizer of Mussels in Belgium beer flavored with fennel, rosemary, thyme and smoked bacon.  As I waited for my new order, I had one of my daughter's steak fries, which was very tasty.  When my Mussels came, the meal was D-e-e-lish. I would return to this restaurant just for that. 

We had one server, Amanda, for the party.  She gave excellent service.  I would definitely recommend Bully's East and intend to re-visit and enjoy another meal.

And I wish Marge, a wonderful retirement.

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