Monday, December 12, 2016

Busy, Busy Fall

I've been very busy this Fall, moving to another section of San Diego in late September, as well as keeping up with the election of Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States.  In October, I flew to New York for the baptism of our first great-grandchild....a boy.  My visit to New York was a blur.... busy, busy, busy.  But there were memorable moments, as well.  My friend, Katie, and I were able to meet at MP Taverna Irvington for brunch.  My Metro North trip from Beacon to Irvington was interesting ro put it mildly.  Metro North connects Poughkeepsie NY and Grand Central Station in New York City with stops in smaller communities on the way.  When I got on the train, I discovered that that it was becoming an express to Grand Central at Peekskill.  So I disembarked at Peekskill, and waited for the next train.  A man approached me on the platform asking about the next train.  I don't recall his question, but we both shared that we had old cell phones that could not provide information on the train schedules.  So, I told him what I was advised by the conductor on the previous train, and that was, "a train was right behind that would take me to Irvington."  After a ten minute wait, I got on thinking it would take me to Irvington.  Alas, I had to get off at Croton-Harmon station.  The next train took me Tarrytown, as it didn't stop at Irvington.  As I walked through the train looking for the conductor, a man asked me if this was the train to New York.  As I looked at him, I realized he was the same person with whom I conversed on the Peekskill platform.  We both had a good laugh. I don't recall ever having to take three trains to reach what would have been a forty-five minute drive.  Oh well, bad planning on my part. 

However, the brunch at MP Taverna was great.  I enjoyed Scallops with cauliflower, dried cherry, brown butter.  It was delicious and the elongated train trip was worth it.  Of course, it's always great to visit with my friend, Katie.

The next weekend, I went with my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter to Boston.  First, we stopped in Worcester to pick up their eldest son who will graduate in June.  Then, off to the heart of Boston,  to visit his brother. 

 After touring the college, we walked the neighborhood before enjoying our lunch at Stephanie's On Newbury.  My selection was the Red Hat Corned Beef Hash.  The serving was very generous.  After the family completed their delicious meal, we walked along the Charles River to the Hatch Shell, where the Boston Pops gives a concert on July 4.
Hatch Shell

We returned to the "Public Garden" As we walked, we found Mother Goose and her ducklings.  It seemed to be a very popular spot.  We actually had to wait our turn just to take a photo.  As we crossed the park and entered the Boston Common, we came upon a huge group of people of all ages, with children dressed in their Halloween costumes, enjoying the Pumpkin Festival.  Boston seems to hold events of many kinds for their residents and visitors.

I had more travels following this, but I'll share about them in my next post.

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