Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beacon Sloop Club Pumpkin Festival

On Sunday, October 17th, my Grandson and I walked down the hill to the Beacon Train Station (Beacon, NY) where the Beacon Sloop Club was holding their Pumpkin Festival. We arrived toward the end of the day due to his participation in a Soccer game in Brewster, NY earlier. However, we enjoyed walking around checking out the Vendor's booths. There were produce stands, a candle-making table, hand-knit items, a photo booth, and, of course, food and hot cider.
As we walked around, we discovered a woman with a large parrot on her shoulder. When I asked permission to photograph the bird, Peacenik, she immediately placed the parrot on my grandson's shoulder and took our picture. She took my camera and snapped the picture so quickly, I decided that she must receive such requests frequently. Then, I took my Grandson's picture with Peacenik.

When the Sloop Club's flagship, Woody Guthrie, pulled up to the pier, we went to check it out. Unfortunately since it was about 4:30pm, we missed the opportunity to sail on it, but look forward to the opportunity in the future.

Due to my Grandson's patience, I was able to spend time taking photos as well.

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