Monday, May 16, 2011

Donald Trump:

I just learned that "The Donald" is not running for President of the United States in 2012. I'm sooooo disappointed.

The United States is the greatest country on Earth. People are clamoring, as well as sneaking, to get in. Twenty years ago, I worked with Europeans sent here by their employer for a two-year assignment. They told me that they were amazed that they could travel great distances within the country with such freedom. Today we are allowing other's actions to dictate our lives. We practically have to be stripped in order to board a commercial airplane. We are in danger of losing the very freedoms our ancesters protected, the very freedoms we so cherish. We seem to have a number of weaklings in Congress who do not adhere to the Constitution. They can't take the time to go after fraud in Medicare, yet they will not accept for themselves the health insurance the "regular folk" have.

For the Office of President, we need someone who is not afraid to speak and really stands for our Country. I believed that Donald Trump could be that person. I believed that he would bring common sense to Washington and command respect from other Countries.

Dear Mr. Trump, I'm sooooo disappointed.

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