Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All Quiet on the Home Front

It is now 3:50am. It is 70 degrees and I'm awake. I guess our real summer is arriving here in San Diego. Of course, it is nothing to complain about with other parts of the US suffering under much higher temperatures. When I moved from New York to San Diego, my co-workers kept telling me that our "real" summer would occur in August and September. Well, it turned out to be true. It pays to listen to the locals.

With our visitors from New York having returned home, life has settled back into the regular routine. My San Diego grandchildren have been going to camp or preschool.

When the teenage grandchildren arrived from New York, the first question my 14 year old grandson asked was "How come you call your highways the 5, the 405, the 15, etc?" Well, I don't know. Practically every East Coast visitor has asked that. In the Northeast, highways are identified as "Route 9, Route 95, etc.", except for "the Turnpike", "The Garden State" or "the Thruway". Also, here in San Diego located on the Pacific Ocean, we go to the beach. On the East Coast, if we are going to the ocean, it is called "the shore", like "Jersey Shore." If you are going to Long Island, it is "the island", or "the Hamptons" if you are uber-rich. I'm sure other areas of the US have their own terminology.

So, onto other summer adventures. I'm looking forward to visiting my son's family in Redondo Beach. I'll use Amtrak for that trip and will, of course, share that with you.

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