Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cup and Saucer Tea Room

This past weekend my granddaughters, their mothers, and I went to have tea at the Cup and Saucer Tea Room in Beacon NY.  I had given the girls gift certificates to this restaurant for Christmas.  The younger grandchild had been anxious to use hers since she had been there twice this year and enjoyed it.  The whole experience was completely new to the fourteen year old and her mother.

We made reservations for a tea party for five.  When we were seated, we consulted with each other on the teas we wanted to try.  This is always fun since the teas are not necessarily ones with which we are familiar.  The porcelain tea cups and the tea pots hidden under cozies created an atmosphere of days gone by.  It gave me an opportunity to tell the granddaughters how my mother served her tea.  One daughter decided to order Earl Grey tea because that is her favorite.  The other daughter selected Raspberry White Tea and Jasmine teas (definitely more venturesome).  The Jasmine tea smelled just like the flowers I pass on my daily walks in San Diego, CA.  I think this tea won out over the Raspberry White.

The food was served on a three-tiered tray.  The sandwiches on the bottom tier were cut in different shapes and ranged from egg salad with sprouts, a cucumber ( favored by one of the granddaughters) to a deviled ham with what looked like diced cranberries.  The next tier had different kinds of cookies.  The apricot one with powdered sugar was my choice.  The top tier held the delicious scones.  We felt quite full and satisfied with our meal.

I recommend this warm, cozy restaurant with its cordial waitress and owner.

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