Saturday, May 5, 2012

Strange Bird

I returned to the Fomosa Slough (a local wetland) to see if I could get a picture of a mother duck and her little ones.  They were out of range of my camera yesterday.  The mother was wisely keeping the little further back in the property.  As the reeds and plants are growing, some of the birds are not as visible.  As I spotted them near tall, dried reeds, there was a Great Blue Heron almost blending in with these reeds.  I was able to get a picture of his great lift-off.  

I was attempting to get a picture of the mother duck and her babies when I heard a commotion.  As I neared the main road where the Snowy Egret spends most of his time, acting like an overlord, I spotted something dark in the water.  The Snowy Egret was giving it all his attention as well.  Out of the darkness popped up this strange bird.  With it's long neck, I suspected that it was a swan although I've never seen a black swan.  Then as he dropped deeper into the water and popped up again, I thought it looked like a small "Loch Ness Monster."  This bird could swim under water a good eight feet.  I think he decided to move since the Snowy Egret seemed annoyed by his presence.  At another visit, I noticed the Snowy Egret chasing a Little Blue Heron.  That is why I suspect he thinks the property is his.  I watched as the strange black bird moved across the property to a quieter spot.


Well, what do you know?  It isn't a small Loch Ness Monster.  The bird started to shake his wings to dry off.  It was a Cormorant.  I've seen them on a large rock at Sunset Cliffs (San Diego), but I've never seen one alone.  After spending time in the water, he had to dry his wings as Cormorant wings aren't waterproof.   WOW, those wings are some size.

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