Friday, May 18, 2012


I’m so excited.  Today, on the first day of its IPO (Initial Public Offering), I purchased one share of Facebook stock.  I put the bid in and clearly expected it to be ignored because I was only buying one share, where most people buy much, much more.  Before I knew it, I had received a “trade confirmation.”  Yahoo! (no pun intended).
 I heard on the news that Institutional Buyers were expected to pick up a great amount.  I don’t know about that because some of the news statements said the earnings for the first day were a disappointment.  Some experts were advising beforehand that the little guy couldn’t get in on this because of Institutional Buyers.  But I beat the odds.
True, I paid $40.40 from my meager trade account.  The stock closed at $38.23.  So, initially, I lost but I don’t care.  I wanted the experience of buying in on the first day of offering….all one share of it.  I’ve wanted to buy on other businesses' first day of an IPO, but my timing, as well as spendable cash, was out of sync each time.
Professionals put my kind of buyer in the “Fools” category, but I’m a happy fool.

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