Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Memorial Day

First, let me say a huge "Thanks" to all our service men and women, active and retired.  We are grateful for your honorable dedication to protecting our nation.   Also, our prayers are for the families who have paid the ultimate price to ensure our safety.

On Memorial weekend, one of my New York daughters and her daughter visited the family in Southern California.  After a weekend of various activities, on Memorial Day, the San Diego part of the family went to the San Diego Zoo.   It was very crowded, but the weather was perfect.

One of the children chose the Monkey Trail for our first stop.  There were two volunteers telling interested visitors all about the Orangutans.  As we left there, I found this interesting pair (picture to the right).

Then, on we went to the Flamingos.  I've never been there when they were having their babies.  Apparently, they create mounds to hold their egg and they all sit together in a community setting.  Apparently, both male and female take turns sitting on the mound.

They seem to fight and quibble a lot.  I guess they were protecting their nest.  When one of the birds stood, we could see the egg.    What an education for the children. 

     From there we ventured to the Giraffes.  The children enjoyed feeding them.  Another great experience.   Then we walked to Elephant Odyssey.   After checking out the animals, we had a delicious lunch at the Sabertooth Grill.

Then, on to the sky ride.  That is always fun.  When we debarked, the next step was having the children pile into the little photo booth to get their souvenir pictures.  This was followed by the "elongated" penny machine.

At that point, we took the tour bus so that our guests could see the whole zoo, which is large.  We sat on the upper deck so we could see everything. On the ride, we passed the Polar Bear Exhibit and enjoyed the Bear's swimming exhibition.  The guide/driver told us that the Polar Bear's skin is black and his fur is really translucent.   Would not have known that!

Our fun visit lasted eight hours and we didn't see everything, but we learned some things, such as seeing the cast of Orangutan's foot, the Flamingo egg, and how to feed the giraffe.  When we usually visit the zoo, the children pick one spot in the zoo, which they would like to see that day.  That's what makes a membership such a great idea.

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