Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Try?

One day this past week, I was driving on Route 9 through Fishkill NY when I noticed the license plate of a car in the left lane.  It was a New York plate with the words Why Try (I've changed the letters a little.)  Immediately, I felt pity for the owner of that car.  What a sad outlook on life.

This week, I was invited to different "Honors" nights for the Beacon, NY school children.  Rombout Middle School had their special night on Wednesday.  While I have not been able to ascertain the total class size of each level, the sixth and seventh grades seemed to have over 100 children each on either the Honor Roll (over 85% grade average), High Honors (over 90% grade average) or the Principal's Honor Roll (over 95% grade average).

On Thursday evening, the Senior Class Awards were held at Beacon High School.  There were 48 seniors listed as being on the Honor Roll (over 85% grade average), 42 students on the High Honor Roll (over 90%), and 15 seniors on the Principal's Honor Roll (over 95%).  Sixty-nine seniors were given scholarship awards.  My grandson was among these winners.  I know that he has been very diligent in pursuing both academic and athletic excellence.  In fact, the Principal announced that 68% of graduating seniors were involved in sports.  The total amount of graduating seniors is around 275.

I'm happy to see that these children, future adult citizens of these United States don't have a "Why Try" attitude.  Congratulations to these students,their supportive parents and their teachers.

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