Monday, September 16, 2013

More Bird Photography

Last Saturday, volunteers came together with the Friends of Famosa Slough (in San Diego) to do some clean-up work.  This occurs on the second Saturday of every month. They clean up paths and clear away any non-native plants.  This was the first time I participated.  I didn't help with the clean-up, but covered the sign up table providing information and snacks.  During the quiet times, I took some photographs. 

I discovered the photo on the left when I downloaded the contents of my camera.  I was taken back by the timing of the birds' passage through that segment of the waterway.  

The photo to the right is of a Snowy Egret who seems to feel that he owns the place.  He regularly chases other birds off his turf (so to speak).  I believe he was fishing for his brunch this time.  Every so often I would spot a silvery fish under the water.  I think this Egret did as well.

I believe these Mallards (left below) are resident and have written about them in an earlier post.   The juvenile Black-Crowned Night-Heron shown on the right below was just passively watching the activity.  Actually, there were two of them but the other did not photograph well.  I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I didn't tell him (or her).


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