Monday, December 16, 2013

Cold and Snowy Weekend

This past week with the low temperatures and then, the snowfall on Saturday reminded me of why I love San Diego.  Since I'm not used to the cold weather any more, I have been wearing four layers of clothing.  However, Christmas with the East Coast family makes it all worthwhile.
Despite the cold, I ventured out to meet family and friends.  As I drove through Poughkeepsie two days after a light snow storm, I noticed how bleek and dismal everything looked.  Usually, the first snow is glistening and beautiful.  It reminded me again of why I love San ice, no snow.  Other than that, I enjoyed the warmth of my Fishkill daughter's home.  On Friday, as a Christmas present, my daughters and granddaughters took me to Carnegie Hall in New York City to hear Handel's Messiah performed by the Cecilia Chorus of New York.  For three years I've wanted to attend the performance.  A wonderful friend is a member of the Chorus.  Even though I've known her for years, I only learned on Friday that she is a soprano.  The Concert was very enjoyable.   The vocalists and the orchestra were excellent and the acoustics of that Hall is quite impressive. Well worth attending a concert there.
Before the concert, we had dinner at Serafina Broadway on West 55th Street.  For an appetizer we shared Buffalo Mozzarella and the Bruschetta.  Very good options.  My daughters enjoyed Rigatona alla Bolognese.  I ordered Nonna's Mashed Potato.  I needed something to warm me up.  I tasted a small amount of the Rigatona, which was good.  In my opinion though, it just wasn't as good as the mashed potatoes....delish.  I certainly recommend this restaurant.
After the concert, we walked across 56th Street to view the store windows along Fifth Avenue.  My younger teenage granddaughter wanted to see The Plaza.  Then we walked down the Avenue to see the Rockefeller Center tree.  The same granddaughter remarked on how crowded the streets were at that time.  The elder teen was accustomed to the City so she wasn't phased by the amount of people.  Christmas in New York can be a wonderful experience.
Thankfully, the snow didn't come until Saturday morning.  I elected to stay in the house for the next two days.  We helped my daughter take down her Christmas decorations from the attic and put up her live Christmas tree.  That night,  I was able to sleep on a couch in the living room across from the warm wood stove.    
Because I haven't adjusted well to the low temperatures, I am posting only one picture at this time.  I was able to lean out my daughter's back door and snap the picture of the male Northern Cardinal.  Hopefully, a time goes on I'll get more pictures.  Tomorrow we will have 2 to 4 inches of snow.  My Cardiff daughter and her husband sent me walking sticks for the snow, so maybe I'll venture out tomorrow.
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