Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ospreys in Flight

I visited Robb Field On May 16 to see how the Osprey family was doing.  Below is a picture of Mom and two chicks.

I receive a daily email from a birder who shared pictures of one of the Osprey chicks or fledglings flying.  Yesterday, May 20, I went to Robb Field to see what I could see, so to speak.  

The female juvenile Osprey (photo below left) came down to the baseball field.  I believe she was the first born.  A little while later the brother came to visit. (photo below right)  I enjoyed seeing them so close.  I could see that the Mother was watching closely from the nest as they sat on the fence, about 10 feet above the ground.

After the juvenile male arrived, they settled down and just looked around.  Some smaller birds came to visit, but Ospreys eat fish, so they just ignored the other birds.

 A birder who has been watching the Osprey's for a number of years decided that the young'ens had been exposed to the humans long enough.  So, he advised me to get ready to take a picture of them in flight.  Then, I supposed he just clapped the fence to cause them to take flight.  I was so busy concentrating on getting a good picture, I don't actually know what he did.  But, the female immediately took flight.  Not being adept at photographing birds in flight, I barely caught a photo of the female (photo below left).  The male didn't respond as quickly, but when he did, I was able to get the photo on the right.

As I walked to the Osprey nest, I was buzzed by some Barn Swallows.  Now getting a photo of them with their swift maneuvers was a challenge.

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