Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why I Like Donald Trump for President 2016

Since Donald Trump declared his intentions to run for the office of President of the United States in 2016, his detractors have been criticizing him.  First they laughed; then they seemed to deride the thought of a Trump presidency.  I remind them that people laughed at Ronald Reagan, saying that he was only an actor.  Look what he accomplished. 

I think that these detractors are also grasping at straws when they pull apart every statement that Donald makes.  Remember he speaks without notes or a teleprompter.

I’m for ‘the Donald’ precisely because he is a Washington ‘outsider’.   All the other candidates have political ties.  Now, Donald Trump might have ties of which I’m unaware.  However, Donald also has not been schooled in being Politically Correct in his statements and in being ‘quiet.’ (Like shut up and sit down.)  I’ve read that Freshman Congressmen and Senators are told just that, when they speak up.  We need a leader who is not intimidated.  I believe that, like Ronald Reagan, those who want to do us harm would think twice before doing anything with Donald Trump as President.

In my opinion, both Republican and Democratic politicians have lost all common sense.  The Republicans promised anything and everything if elected in 2012.   Where has that gone?  Nowhere!   The Democrats gave us Obamacare.  The original bill was purported to be 2200 pages, which I read.  After reading this bill, I was just plain tired and disgusted. Within this Bill are changes to other statutes.  They may have been changed to comport with the purposes of Obamacare.  Who knows?  We, the People would never know of these other changes without reading and researching the whole Affordable Care Act.  Who even read the Bill before passing it?  Certainly not the Democrats who voted for it and succeeded in making it law.  It’s time for politicians to write and enact bills that address the subject exactly, and only that one subject.   Aren’t we tired of politicians acting like they know better than us?  I’m happy that there are people receiving healthcare who were not previously able.  All people should have access to healthcare insurance, and there could be a better healthcare law, if politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, put their collective and personal agendas aside.

Our freedoms and our rights under the 'original' Constitution, not under present day interpretation by liberals, should be sacrosanct.  The Founders intended our elected officials to respect and maintain those rights.  The President of the United States should protect the ‘original’ Constitution.

Our Military (Active and Retired) must be respected.  We owe our Veterans the utmost of care.  They put themselves in danger to protect us.  We must ensure that they have the best healthcare, perhaps the same as our elected Washington representatives, as well as job opportunities.

Also, in my humble opinion, this Nation is over-regulated.  Experts hired by this Administration and maybe, life-long career specialists in various departments tell American Citizens what they can and can’t do.  Were they elected to anything?  No.  Yet, California suffers from the over-protection of a ‘smelt’ or a special ‘mouse’.  We should be a self-sufficient Nation and because of Washington Politicians we aren’t.  We should be using our own homeland’s natural resources, but the powers that be say “No.”  You could note that this affects your ability to find a good job or improve your salary, if you even have employment.  Now, rules are good things, but over-regulation has caused our lives to be diminished.

We should be protecting our Nation’s borders and allowing only LEGAL immigration.  Because of insufficient protection on our Southern Border, ILLEGAL immigrants from all over the world pour into our Nation, seemingly increased by an invitation from our present President.  From what I’ve read, the Department of Homeland Security has allowed these people to disburse, not to be heard from again unless they kill an American citizen.  We have Sanctuary cities, which harbor ILLEGAL immigrants and defy Federal laws in regard to these people.  Does our present President use his authority to put a stop to this?  Have our representatives in Congress?

This is why I like Donald Trump.  Even if he has friends on both sides of the aisle in Washington, he is not one of them.  Donald is a successful businessman.  I really believe that he does want America to be great again.  It makes perfect business sense.  I think he has the wisdom and experience to create jobs and to work with Congress on improving this Nation.  He would not sell us down the river in any negotiations, which is his forte.  I expect that he would speak out when Congress was not working in the best interest of all American Citizens, not just a few.  In that vein, he knows how to use the best talent.   As President Trump, I hope that he would tap into the pool of Presidential candidates for 2016.   Their experience under his direction could benefit this country greatly. 

It’s time to declare that we are a great Nation and can be even greater under the correct leadership.  No more apologies to the world.  Let’s respect ourselves and lead again.  Let’s remember that every nation on Earth, friend or foe, has benefited from the generosity of our great Nation.

Only Donald Trump, at this time, will be the leader we need for President of the United States in 2016.

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