Sunday, July 31, 2016

Visitors to San Diego

While I always busy my time here in San Diego, activities ramp up a bit when visitors come.

A week ago, Monday, my friend, Marge, and I went to lunch at the Breakfast Republic.  We chose the same meal.... the Shrimp and Ricotta Frittata with slices of Avocado.  With an English Muffin and browned potatoes, the servings were delicious and ample.  I was only able to eat about a third of the meal resulting on a box for an eat-at-home meal.  I would recommend this restaurant.

That evening, my 15 year old New York granddaughter and her girlfriend from New Hampshire arrived after an impromptu trip to the southern ridge of the Grand Canyon with our Los Angeles family.  Early Tuesday morning, I went to the Clairemont section of San Diego to take them and their cousins to Krispy Kreme at the Clairemont Town Square.  My visiting granddaughter remembered that her brothers went there a number of years ago when they came to San Diego.  We walked there to have the total experience of Krispy Kreme.  They could see the operation of making donuts, though I think the taste of the donuts had more of an impact on the teens....Yum, yum.

After that, I left them as they went to Belmont Park in Mission Beach, where they enjoyed the afternoon.  Then, before my grandson's basketball practice, they were able to eat at Hodads in Ocean Beach.  This restaurant is a total experience that's certainly worth the trip.

On Wednesday, we went to the beach.  My son-in-law has a favorite area which is quiet.  He goes there once a week with the children teaching them to "bodyboard.'  I was only interested in wading but found the waves strong enough to pull me over if I wasn't careful.  Hence, a perfect spot to 'bodyboard.'

On Thursday, I met the family at the San Diego Zoo.  When I arrived about 10am, they were already touring the park and had reached the Polar Bear exhibit, which they found closed.  I took the skyfari®-aerial-tram to catch up with them.  This ride is a great way to see the expanse of the zoo and provides picture ops, if that interests you.  To the right, below is a photo of Balboa Park, which is located just south of the zoo.  Well worth visiting.

Balboa Park

We all proceeded to traverse the zoo, attending a 4-D theater and checking out some of the animals.  Lunch was at the Sabertooth Grill near the Elephant Odyssey.  This restaurant is the favorite of the family.  After everyone was well fed, we continued on to view the sleepy Koalas and feed the Giraffes.

After several hours, we enjoyed a cool desert near the front of the park and concluded our great day at the zoo.  I went my way, they went basketball practice and dinner at home followed by a sunset visit to the beach.  On Friday, after experiencing lunch at IN-N-OUT with burgers and fries, the young ladies were on their way home.  No trip to California is complete without enjoying an IN-N-OUT meal.

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  1. Glad you had a nice visit. Memories for a lifetime.