Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Get out & Vote While You Still Can

 I am voting for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016.  You can read my reasons at:  http://bicoastalgrandma.blogspot.com/2015/07/why-i-like-donald-trump-for-president.html .  I believe we need someone who is straightforward, loves America, has not been part of the political scene, and not owned by big money donors.

I was a non-partisan voter who, in every election season, voted for the person I thought would do the best job for America.  I watch politics closely and no sooner had I re-registered as a Republican, in my opinion, the Republicans' devious stratagem started coming to light.  As I became more aware of the Republican party's recent election machinations, I've been reminded of my younger days when I watched the TV coverage of the entire Republican convention feverishly trying to lock out Barry Goldwater.  I'm sickened and disheartened that the party hasn't improved in all these years. 

Sadly, the Republican party actions, namely, the last seven years of not standing up to the present Administration and the disingenuous technique of using your primary vote to create the need for a convention has caused my disenchantment. 
These actions only confirm to me that, Republican politicians and their candidates, are only interested in their own personal welfare. 

Mitt Romney, the Republican who lost the 2012 Presidential elections was shown on TV advising Republicans to vote for a different person than the one they really believe should be the candidate in each State's primaryTo the best of my understanding, he was telling Republicans that voting in this disingenuous way would result in a 'contested' convention.'  In this type of convention, the Republican delegates could ignore the votes of the people and put whomever they wanted in as nominee.  He, admittedly, wanted to prevent Donald Trump from being nominated, no matter how many American citizens voted for him.  I watched the video of this losing 2012 Presidential candidate on three different channels because I could not believe that he actually said it.  No one stood up to him and said we don't play around with our votes.  No one. 

Apparently, the Democratic party is really no different.  It just handles things differently.  They have 'super delegates' as well as delegates. The 'super delegate' category seems to be comprised of elected officials who can vote for whomever they choose. Their vote seems to be cast for what is best for the Democratic party, seemingly not the American people.  It's like they, and only they, know what's best for America.  No matter how many people vote for a candidate, the 'super delegates' have the power to sway or skew the election results. The nominee will be the person selected by the 'super delegates', not the American voter.

The Republican party, on the other hand, doesn't use that technique.  I've read the explanations of their system, but in my estimation, it's just a convoluted process to get the results they, the Republican party, desire. To my understanding, sounds like a lot of 'back room' actions.  Doesn't matter what the 'unwashed' and 'unlearned' voter wants.  Even a politician, who has been in office just one term, knows how to game the system.

I saw the video made by a Colorado delegate who was shut out of voting because he was preparing to vote for Donald Trump.  Apparently, last August, the Colorado officials revised the rules so that without any people voting, they chose their nominee.  If Colorado can get away with it, what State Election Officials will try it next?

It used to be that the average person  just went to work, feeding and housing their family, and looking forward to the day when they can make ends meet to the best of their ability.  Now they are still in the 'rat' race, but it's an ever uphill battle.  I'm not even touching the subjects of many people out of work or the many people (45.4 million, as of October 2015) on food stamps.

Political officials, on the other hand, are much better off.  Many candidates enter the ring with idealism. Except for a few, their quest to help their Nation and its people seems to fade into a pursuit to preserve their own newly-found and cushy way of life. By the way, what do they do all day?  No matter what politicians of both, or either party decide for your health, wealth and freedoms, theirs is never affected.  With salaries and better benefits guaranteed by you, the American public, they live above the fray.  In my opinion, they answer to no one until Election time rolls around.  Then, they say what you want to hear in order to preserve their jobs.  After they are elected, they will hold meetings and look busy, but it seems that they've forgotten the hard working citizens who pay their salaries.  Do you really think a politician who has been in office ten, fifteen or even, 40 years can feel your pain?  

In my estimation, neither the Democratic nor the Republican party really care about or represent the voter.  We're just pawns for them to arrogantly ignore. All politicians and party officials need to be reminded that a vote is a privilege, not a toy.   Many people died protecting our freedoms, including the voting processIt is every political party's patriotic duty to honor an American citizen's right to vote and have that vote counted.

The only hope we have as a nation is the silent majority waking up, and waking up QUICKLY.  It's time to end the cabal.

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