Monday, March 8, 2010

My Christmas Visit to New York

I love to visit New York and when I do, my visits with family and friends fill my time. It is so enjoyable to see the children's concerts and just do the everyday family things. This past Christmas was no different except for what I felt to be extreme cold. I'm so grateful also to all my long-time friends who altered their calendars to meet with me. I'm really very, very blessed. The day after I arrived, I joined my daughter and her family at Carmine's Theater District Restaurant in the City. After a delicious lunch, we ventured out into the wind and the rain, the family to a play, and I with another daughter, to the Research room at the New York Public Library. I love this building and needed some information. Worth a visit. I planned to venture out the next day by myself, as I love walking around New York City, flitting here and there, but the weather was not to my liking, to say the least.
The following weekend, I found myself on a Metro North Train to the City again. This time, my eldest daughter was taking me along with her family to lunch at a restaurant called Becco and then, to see Shrek. On the way to the restaurant, I showed the family a building on Broadway which houses public restrooms maintained by a manufacturer of soft toilet tissue. Only in New York....however, it could turn out to be convenient. After a delicious dinner we ventured up to the M&M store that was absolutely filled with people and then, across the street to the Hershey store. While there my grandson received a call saying that Grandma was on TV. While I was walking up Broadway hunched against the falling cold snow, head bundled in my lovely black scarf, I just happened to cross the path of a cameraman recording the snowfall. I guess that was my two seconds of fame. The play was enjoyable and we exited the theatre to find the snow falling heavily. Thankfully, we spotted a subway station across the street and carefully climbed down the stairs. This enabled us to reach Grand Central Station without encountering the snow again. I love to look at the snow falling with the beautiful scenery that it provides and I like walking in the first snowfall of the season, but that is it.
On Christmas Eve the whole East Coast family met at my third daughter's home in Queens for a great dinner and gift-opening. Parking in Queens is no picnic, but the Lord and my daughter's husband provided. Culminating my wonderful, freezing visit to New York was attending the taping of the Martha Stewart Show following, of course, our Starbucks coffee and pastry. First things first! All my New York daughters accompanied me to the show and everyone had a great time. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
While I got to see many friends, some visits just didn't work out. Christmas time is always busy for families. Perhaps next time.... By the way, I took the picture of the BlueJay in Beacon.

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  1. Cathi,
    I enjoyed reading about Christmas in New York. Also...nice picture of the Blue Jay :)