Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday, I had two little visitors who were "under the weather." Since both parents are now working and I am available, the children spent the morning with me. We had a nice quiet time, watching a video and planing a game. When Daddy came to pick them up, I saw how beautiful the day had become. The temperature was about 58 degrees with wind gusts of 36 mph. I love the wind and decided to go out. Since it was Tuesday, it would be an excellent time to visit Balboa Park and take advantage of free admission to some museums.
I was able to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts. Since I enjoy taking photographs, I thought it would be good for me to see what the experts do. Then, off to the Museum of San Diego History. They had a raised floor with a picture of the topography of San Diego County. They also plastic maps that children could place on the floor when they found that particulating matching location on the floor map. My grandchildren would enjoy doing that. To my left was a room with a closed glass door. The attendant told me that the door was closed just to protect the clothing displayed inside. So, I ventured in and found a display of some very old dresses, as well as clothing from the 1960s. There before my eyes were the styles I used to wear. Truthfully, my reaction was strange because I don't feel that old. There were dresses, handbags (or purses), gloves and a hat just like one that I wore. Actually, I owned 22 hats. I kept them in beautiful hatboxes. By the time I had our seven children, I decided I didn't need them anymore because it was no longer stylish to wear hats. I never believed in saving clothing. If I couldn't wear something that was still good, I donated it. But I think that these hats went to the town dump one year when we were doing clean up. I had absolutely no idea that they would come back into fashion.
As I completed my tour of the museums, I got a call inviting me to go out for coffee. Wonderful! Then, as I closed the cell phone, I spotted a beautiful bluebird. I tried to take its picture but wasn't fast enough. However, the sight was a great reminder that Spring is near.

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