Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow, Snow, and a Cold

A week ago, I arrived at Queens NY to spend time with my youngest grandchild, almost three months old. The very next day, I attacked by symptoms of a cold. I was fine when I left San Diego. I love New York, but not the snow and ice. Queens was still enshrouded with the stuff. On Sunday, I took the "7" to Grand Central to get a Metro North train, which took me up to Dutchess County. I enjoyed visiting the family while they watched the Golden Globes. Little by little the sniffles encroached on my life.

Last night, I returned to Dutchess County before the latest snow arrived. I was told that it was the fourth in two weeks....not my cup of tea. Also, the snow storm gave me the opportunity to win out over the attack of the "HEAD COLD." I'm attaching a picture taken from inside the house.

Tonight, the family went to a new restaurant, Twist Burger, run by my son-in-law's brother. Since I wasn't going out of the house, they brought home a cheeseburger and onion rings for me. Delish!!!! Twist Burger is located on Route 376 in Fishkill Plains, NY. Worth a visit.

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