Monday, February 14, 2011

Healthy Weekend? Or Not!

This weekend, I spent Friday sleeping late and later that morning, taking a long, long nap. On Saturday, my LaGrange daughter took me along when she went to Gold's Gym in LaGrange. We walked the circuit and then, rode Exercycles while watching a film I found depressing. Lunch at her house was "sushi." I was all "healthed" out.

Then, later in the afternoon we went to my Beacon Daughter's house for a "Girl's Night." I loved spending the evening with three daughters and two friends. We had finger foods followed by a chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows and cake. My Queens daughter brought her 3 month old baby, who was the center of attraction, especially when she rolled over for the first time. I was upstairs but could hear all the excitement. I could just imagine the baby wondering why these five women were "yahooing" so much.

Then, one friend told us about her daughter's wedding in the Dominican Republic. Our daughters had grown up together so we hung on every word.

On Sunday, all the daughters, nieces and I joined for lunch at the Tomato Cafe on Main Street in Fishkill for a hearty lunch. The bruschetta was served with a small center salad. Both were delicious. Then, we all had our individual choices and everyone was very satisfied with them. I had a BLT with salad. It was good and filling, as well. I certainly recommend a visit.

Then, off to a happy, warm week in Queens.

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