Friday, June 17, 2011

Demeanor of Public Officials

This week, the Internet blogs are replete with stories of another public official leaving office in self-admitted disrepute retaining a projected Federal pension of over $1 million.

While my main intention in writing this blog is to provide pleasant reviews of places I’ve visited, I am questioning today if we Americans have lost our senses. The latest public official in disrepute is one in a seemingly growing line of people who take their responsibilities to the American people lightly. It matters not whether they are Republican or Democrat. These officials seem to think they can do what they please and that they are above reproach. And, why wouldn’t they be with guaranteed pensions, much better healthcare than the average American citizen, and fellow officials who either excuse or turn a blind eye to their behavior. Unfortunately, there will probably be more of these people coming down the pike.

Contrast this to "EveryMan" in Everytown, USA. If this man admittedly acts inappropriately in a public manner, his job would most likely be jeopardized. If his employer is unhappy with "EveryMan's" performance or the public perception of his actions upon the employer’s business, will this "EveryMan" keep his job or his pension? Will his medical benefits be retained? How about a member of our Armed Forces? What happens if this person does something unbecoming to his or her profession?

Why am I writing this? Because I believe that “Silence is Assent.” There are good people who serve this Nation, whose image is besmirched by these others who misuse their elevated positions. However, when are we, as citizens of this great Nation, going to require that all people elected by us to serve in public office reflect, in every aspect of their lives, good character?

Presently, approximately twenty million people are out of work and the people who do have jobs work hard to buy gas, food, and clothing for their families. They are so busy trying to make ends meet, they have to trust that their elected officials will hopefully feel their pain and honestly represent them in serious Governmental matters.

Why do we put up with and pay for, what I consider, the shenanigans of elected officials (of either Party) who apparently think they are above us? Or are they?

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