Sunday, June 12, 2011

San Diego Padres Game

Today I attended my first national baseball game, the San Diego Padres vs. the Washington DC Nationals. The main reason I attended as to watch my granddaughter "run the ball to the pitcher's mound" at the beginning of the game. I was allowed to sit near the dugout to get her picture, but as just as she ran out to the pitcher's mound, general business was happening in front of me, such people standing to admit latecomers, a man down in front lifting his little boy to see, etc. Oh well....back to my real seat. Actually, my real seat was fine because it appears that Petco Park enables everyone to see home plate no matter where you sit, which is a good thing, especially for me, a novice.

At the beginning of the ceremonies, the Padres celebrated the 236th birthday of the US Army with a cake. Then, I watched the newest inductees to the US Army take their oath. Approximately 100 new US Army members stood en masse behind the US Flag unfurled on the field.

Since this was my first national baseball game, I watched and witnessed an American pastime. This is much different than watching on TV. People were eating, talking, and generally enjoying themselves. Vendors were going up and down the steps barking their dogs, cotton candy, drinks, etc. I'm not sure how many people payed attention to the game until it was well underway. Unfortunately, the Padres lost 2-0 to the Nationals. The people seemed to be enjoying themselves anyway.

It was great to see the Padres honor the presence of the US Marines, as well as the Army. The whole crowd stood at hearing the Marine Hymn. I was dismayed to see that the Marines were sitting in the "nose-bleed" section while there was a whole section on the second level empty. It's too bad that they could not have been moved to the lower tier.

It is certainly commendable that the Padres honor the different branches of service to the Country. Since San Diego is a military town, it would be nice if the people who protect us every day had a special section at every home game. Maybe they do, but it would be nice if it were in a more accessible tier. My picture is small, but maybe you can see the crutches in the third row of the highest tier. I'm sure that no serviceman or woman was complaining....just happy to see the game. In my opinion, it makes them "a cut above the rest."

All in all, it was a good day. It was a very exciting day for my granddaughter, eight years old, and her four year old brother. Good memories. Thanks, Padres.

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