Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thanks to My Kind Candy Crush Friends

For those of you who were anxiously waiting for me to get over the bridge and past the troll (I think), a kind Candy Crush friend provided the third ticket.  The next two games were relatively easy.  I noticed how you can sail through one game and then, spend days on another.  Also, when the game shows a display of your friends who are stuck, offering you an opportunity to send them a "life" so they can move on, I always say yes.  However, last night, as I reflected on my day,  I was beset by a stunning revelation.  If you are stuck for 90 or so days, you are not interested in receiving one little "life".  (I'm just a newbie and really a little naive when it comes to these games.)  You probably were annoyed when you got the "request" (in my opinion, a misnomer for a gift).   Humble apologies.  When I got across the bridge today and was confronted with the opportunity to send gifts of "lives", I tried to send them only to people who looked like they were actually playing the game.  I could not find a way to do that. While I'm still enjoying the game, I'll refrain from using that screen to send more "lives." to my friends.  There is another screen that occasionally pops up and presents an opportunity to share a "life" with people who are still active in the game.  I'll use that because I just have to help my friends.  

Also, for most of my readers, this subject must be getting old.  So, this ends the saga of my Candy Crush experience.
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