Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Visits to the Slough

I recently came upon an Osprey sitting atop a telephone pole at the Famosa Slough.

Suddenly, he spotted something in the water.   Now here's a big bird.

The bird shown below is a juvenile Gull seen at the Famosa Slough last month.  It is shown in two different views.  There was a white Gull near it, but I was unable to verify that it was a Western Gull, though I suspect it was.  Interesting that the color and markings on the juvenile Gull would be so different from the adult Gull.    If you remember the pictures of the Black-crowned Night Heron, it's juvenile stage is quite different from how it will look as an adult.

Juvenile Gull
Juvenile Gull

I've found Hummingbirds at the Famosa Slough, but haven't succeeded in getting a good photo.  They are very fast and flit everywhere.  During a Bird Tour at the Famosa Slough, I discovered one sitting on a branch just over my head.  I suspect that it was quietly sitting there until the group of nine or ten left.

I've included the photo of the Hummingbird shown to the left because I thought it's colors were very pretty.  I saw it last summer in my daughter's yard in North Clairmont in San Diego.  

  My neighbor recently created a garden on her side of our joint deck.  Hummingbirds regularly visit.  When I hear the bird's little "chip, chip, chip" I grab my camera.  The photo to the right is about the best I could get so far.  I think it is a female Anna's Hummingbird.

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