Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Congratulations, U.S. Post Office

I want to thank the U.S. Post office for providing American Flag Stamps in books of ten. I wrote about that on my post of Feb. 22, 2013 titled, Post Office.  Today, as I was mailing a package at the Midway Post Office in San Diego, the clerk asked me if I needed stamps. I thought about it and decided to purchase a small book.  Imagine my surprise as I said that I knew I could not get a stamp with an American Flag on it because they only come in books of twenty.  I then asked if she had any stamps with the Purple Heart on them.  The clerk quickly responded to me, stating that she had American Stamps in books of ten.  The clerk then advised me that the small books go quickly.  Maybe the Postmasters should order more of them.

Congratulations to the Post Office Executives.  This not only enables me to exhibit my patriotism in a small way, but makes me think that maybe they got my message.  Thanks, again.

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