Friday, May 2, 2014

Birds I've Seen Lately

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, located near the Pacific Ocean north of San Diego.

An e-mail from a birder mentioned seeing a Virginia Rail, which is not common to this area.  I went there about two hours later, but didn't see it.  The lagoon was quiet except for a Whimbrel walking around.  My Cardiff daughter and I walked through part of the park.  We did see sunning lizards, but only one Whimbrel.  This migratory bird spends the summer in Alaska where it breeds. I would like visit San Elijo Lagoon again and recommend it.

This week we experienced warmer than normal temperatures, 89 degrees on Monday, into the 90s on Tuesday through Thursday and 88 degrees today.  On Wednesday I was visiting my daughter in the North Clairemont section of San Diego.  The days were windy.  Today it was only breezy.  And no, I don't believe this was a sign of "Global Warming."  I believe we were experiencing what is called here in Southern California, "Santa Ana Winds."

On Wednesday, I heard a number of bird calls coming from her yard in North Clairemont.  I went out to investigate.  I had heard at least six or eight different calls.  Then I checked the trees.  All I could find was a Mockingbird.  This bird was singing it's heart out ... call after call after call.  You would think I was standing in an aviary.

Northern Mockingbird

Yesterday afternoon I received an email stating that a bird enthusiast was at Cabrillo National Monument, near Point Loma.  The writer stated that there were hundreds of birds there.  Then, this morning my daughter who lives in Cardiff by the Sea sent me a text stating that there a lot of birds in her yard.  She lives about a mile up the hill from the beach.  My daughter listed that there were crows, hawks, gray birds with white markings and some other birds she could not identify.  I decided that the birds were probably still at the Cabrillo Monument, as well.

Western Scrub-Jay

So this afternoon, off I went to Cabrillo National Monument.  Well, if the birds were there I didn't see them.  I did see a Western Scrub-Jay as soon as I arrived.  Then I saw one I could not identify.  I thought the picture of the bird hopping along the roof was cute, so I included it.  I don't think that these two pictures were of the same bird because the bird on the right appears to have a lighter colored beak.  As I walked one of the paths, a bird flew right at me, just missing my forehead.  It was a hummingbird. It corrected itself and flew off a little to fast for me to get a photo.

Cabrillo National Monument is still a nice place to visit and I enjoyed walking around.  It is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


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