Friday, August 13, 2010

Rhinebeck, New York

Recently, Rhinebeck, New York, a small town on the east side of the Hudson River, was all over the news with Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. It is a small town in Dutchess County with one main road (Route 9) running north through it. With all the celebrities and news representatives, I’m sure the town was abuzz. On weekends, the traffic is usually very busy. Normally in the Fall, it is very popular with weekend visitors from New York City.

I love the Fall in New York, when the colors of nature just pop. The smells of the season are in the air. It’s time for apple picking (resulting in apple pies), taking photos of the beautiful scenery, and just getting out and walking.

During my upcoming trip to New York in October, I plan to squeeze in a visit to Rhinebeck, and check out all the little shops, just like the tourists from the “City” (for non-New Yorkers that is the code word for New York City). After all, the “City” is unarguably the center of arts, finance, style and sophistication. Anyway, as I’ve found in years past, it is fun to drive to Rhinebeck, get some lunch, just walk around and check out the beautiful pricy pieces of eclectic clothing and antiques. In years past, I’ve been able to find a small, unique gift for someone on my Christmas list in one of the little shops. We’ll see.

If you have a free day, take a drive to Rhinebeck and enjoy.

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