Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strange Mushrooms in my Neighborhood

I try to take a daily walk around my neighborhood. Four times around this square block is equivalent to approximately one mile. I try to walk everywhere to get enough exercise, such as going to the post office, which is about one and one half miles from my home. The grocery store is one half mile and Target, a little further away. By doing my errands separately, I am able to increase my exercise.

On Saturday, when I was circling the block, I noticed a bunch of mushrooms on the lawn by the parking lot on the outside of my apartment complex. I don't recall ever seeing any mushrooms in my neighborhood. On the East Coast, while walking in the woods, I've taken some pictures of different species, because I thought they looked pretty.

So, I went home and got my camera. As I took pictures of them, I realized that they were growing right under the same tree where I startled the Red-crowned parrots in early July. I certainly have no scientific expertise, but I wonder if their droppings caused the growth of these mushrooms, which aren't anywhere else in the complex, except under this one tree. I've sent an e-mail to someone with expertise in recognizing mushrooms. I'm displaying a picture at the top of the blog in case someone can identify them.

The mushrooms shown below were found in the Hudson Valley of New York on the Roosevelt and Vanderbilt Estates (both National Historic sites).

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