Friday, February 22, 2013

Mimi's, Mission Valley

I planned to meet a friend, Diane, at 1pm on Tuesday for coffee at Starbucks in Mission Valley.  I arrived about one-half hour early and found every table and chair taken.  Since I was early, I did a little window shopping at a furniture store.  I checked back at Starbucks about 15 minutes later and found that the same people were sitting at the same tables, as best as I could recall.  It reminded me of my younger days when lunchtime at a place (in New York) was so busy, you had to literally stand behind the person sitting on a stool eating their lunch.

When Diane arrived, I flagged her down, related the situation, and asked if we could go to Mimi's instead.  As we drove to Mimi's (just a short distance away), I voiced my opinion, "What's with these people?  They are prolonging their time in Starbucks just because it is cold, windy and raining outside."  Diane asked me, "Weren't we going to do the same thing?"  I'm paraphrasing but you get the point.

Mimi's is a very nice comfortable restaurant serving good food.  When we arrived, we had a short wait and then, were seated.  Not bad for such a cold day.  I had not eaten lunch so I perused the menu and could not decide.  Diane was so gracious as she offered to share a soup and 1/2 sandwich lunch (for $6.99), as she had already eaten lunch earlier.  So, I had the half-sandwich and she enjoyed a small cup of tomato bisque soup.  Diane said the soup was good, though a little salty.  I enjoyed a the half of a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on wheat toast.  The waiter was very gracious about our sharing lunch.

We enjoyed catching up on each other's activities and family news.  Although I like Starbucks, I think our move provided a more comfortable environment to spend our hour or so in conversation.  I think you would enjoy Mimi's in Mission Valley.

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