Friday, February 22, 2013

Post Office

Today, I planned to walk the hills in Ocean Beach in preparation for my climb up Mt. Beacon in the Spring.  I needed to send a letter to my grandson so I stopped at the Ocean Beach Post Office.  I don't go there often, but when I do there is always a line.  Today I waited 20 minutes for service. The girl behind me in line put her head on the table along which the line is formed and just groaned.  A woman approached me and asked me when it was my turn. "please just get me two address change forms."  She didn't want to get on the long line for two forms.  There were now around twelve people behind me.  When I joined the line, there were eight people ahead of me.

The Post Office is planning to suspend Saturday delivery in August 2013 for monetary reasons.  Although electronic mailing has made substantial inroads into communication, I wonder if they gave better service, things would be different.  I will repeat myself; this particular post office always has a line.  So does the Midway Post Office, which I think used to be the main post office in bygone days.  That Post Office definitely has more workers and provides faster service, but going there today just wasn't convenient for me..

In asking for the American Flag stamp, I was reminded that you can only get that if you purchase a $20 book of stamps.  Why would they make it so difficult to express your patriotism?  The stamp with the American Flag should be the easiest to get.  Perhaps the executives at the Post Office should be thinking more like a customer.

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