Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clairmont Post Office

Yesterday, I went to the Post Office for more stamps.  I know, I know....I should have purchased more on Tuesday.  However, I don't usually use more than three a month.  Writing my grandson once a week has expanded my need.

However, this time I visited the Post Office in the North Clairmont section of San Diego.  This is a very nice community.  This Post Office is a very busy place, but the line moves quickly.  When I reached the Postal clerk, I requested three stamps.  He quickly pulled a sheet over with some square stamps with some nondescript pale-colored drawing on them.  I said I didn't want them.  His retort was - that was what he was selling.  I presume that they have to sell stamps left over from sheets.  Anyway, he wouldn't budge.  So, I asked him if that was what the other clerks were selling.  He shrugged his shoulders giving me the impression that he just didn't care.

So, as a customer left the postal clerk next to him, I just moved over to this man's station.  I told him I needed three stamps and then I asked if he could sell me the Purple Heart stamps.  He politely told me that he would check in the back.  He quickly returned to his station with a sheet of Purple Heart stamps and presented me with three.  I told him that I really appreciated his help.  His name was Alex.  I think he should be commended for great customer service.

Since I have some birthdays coming up, I guess I'll give in and purchase a small book of stamps.  Maybe this time I'll buy the "Forever Stamps."

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