Friday, February 15, 2013

The Parrots are Back, The Parrots are Back!

This morning around 7:00am, I was awakened to the sound of the Red-Crowned Parrots flying over my home.  As I have written before, they are very, very noisy. Usually the parrots arrive around March 9 (my son's birthday).  So my assumption is that Spring will be early.

Today, I walked with a neighbor and her friends along the San Diego River to Dog Beach in Ocean Beach.  Dog Beach is just that and was set aside in 1972 to enable dogs to run around without a leash and play with other dogs.  As we reached Robb Field, I saw a bird I've been looking American Kestrel.  When I first saw it, it flew up into a palm tree.  One of my fellow walkers spotted it. I was amazed that it stayed in the tree while a family with children stood and watched.  Everyone had their own idea of where I would get the best shot.  And the bird did not fly away.

It was a warm (75 degrees) and beautiful day.  As we continued to walk on to Dog Beach, I spotted a Little Blue Heron just walking along in the water.  I suspect he was looking for an afternoon snack.

After my neighbor walked her dog around Dog Beach and a short walk so I could get a Starbucks and my neighbor, a frozen yogurt.  Then, we backtracked along the San Diego River.  There were many people out today, probably due to how nice the day was and perhaps, they were starting their three-day weekend.

We are supposed to have nice weather until Monday when the temperatures will fall back to the 50 degree range.  However, I know Spring is near.  I heard the Red-crowned Parrots.

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