Saturday, February 1, 2014


On Thursday evening, I went with my San Diego daughter and her children to Filippi's in Pacific Beach for dinner.  As soon as we were seated, the children were provided a plate with pizza dough so that they can make their own creations.  The children specifically asked to go to this restaurant because they remembered the fun they had with the pizza dough.  Even though they are getting older, it still helps them while away the time until their food comes.

We hadn't been to Filippi's in Pacific Beach in more than two years, so it was a nice homecoming.  The food is always delicious and the portions are generous.  I had the lasagna with meat sauce, which I have always enjoyed at this restaurant.  The portion is so generous that I couldn't eat more than a third of the food.  My daughter always enjoys the ravioli.  The children had spaghetti.  They also had one meatball each.  The meatball is very large, but tastes good.

The children finished their meal with sherbert.  Everyone left the restaurant filled and happy.

I definitely recommend Filippi's in Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA.

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