Sunday, February 2, 2014

Perry's Cafe

Late yesterday morning, I received a welcomed call from my San Diego daughter to accompany her family to Perry's Cafe, a 'breakfast' restaurant on Pacific Highway (near Old Town) in San Diego.

It is usually crowded, but since it was just before noon, we didn't wait long to be seated.  They seated the five of us at a semi-circle table near the entrance.  Our waitress, Meghan, was very cordial.  My 7 year old grandson quickly befriended her.  When Meghan delivered the meal, she gave him his meal addressing him by name.  She was not only friendly, but very efficient.

We all chose breakfast items on the menu.  Our choices ranged from sausage or bacon, eggs and fried potatoes to french toast, waffles and pancakes.  My grandson also enjoyed a side of pears.

The cost of a generous breakfast at Perry's Cafe is very reasonable.  The room seemed noisy, but it was a happy customer noise with families enjoying each other's company, good service, and good food.

I recommend this 'breakfast' restaurant when you're in San Diego.

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