Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Palette

Last Wednesday evening, I accompanied my daughter and her children to The Palette, a restaurant at the Culinary School of the Art Institute of California in San Diego. The meal was delicious. We  ordered two kinds of appetizers. The first was the Charcuterie Board, which included wedges of Bleu and Brie cheese along with small wraps of prosciutto and cheese, as well as some slices of Italian meats.  The second was a plate of calamari that my daughter and granddaughter agreed were delicious.

We were shown an assortment of rolls to accompany our meal.  My daughter and I chose tiny round rolls, which I'd love to know how to make.  Our tiny rolls came with a choice of three dollops flavored butters (jalapeno, herb, and cinnamon).  I tried the jalapeno and the herb butters. They were very good.  My seven year old grandson relished his dinner roll that was larger than his hands.

My daughter and her son shared the Caesar Salad, my granddaughter enjoyed the House Salad, and I had the pumpkin soup which was very flavorful.

We were beginning to feel very full as the entrees arrived.  My granddaughter and I had the Short Ribs with a parsnip and potato puree and broccolini.  I could not finish it, but my granddaughter polished hers off.  My grandson had the Bistro Burger with lettuce and tomato.  The menu showed that the burger came with smoked Gouda and arugula, but the chef tailored it to my grandson's liking.

To finish off our meal, we shared four different deserts offered on the menu, which were a delicious tiramisu, a layered flavored pudding type desert served in a small mason jar (very creative, as well),  a chocolate mousse, and a bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream.

This restaurant is operated by the students who are ready to graduate.  The waiters, servers, and future chefs all work together under the supervision of Chef Instructors to provide an enjoyable dining experience.  I can attest that ours was fun and delicious.  I recommend it highly.

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