Thursday, February 13, 2014

Post Office Visit

Yesterday, I went to the Wm Taft Post Office in Clairmont, a section of San Diego.  You might, or you might not remember my blog about my experience in this Post Office, published almost a year ago.  While waiting on line, I watched as one clerk took care of a long line of customers.  When it was my turn in line, I specifically noted that her name was Diane.

While standing on line, waiting my turn, I watched as she took care of two young men who were mailing a package.  This was apparently the first time they did this.  She explained what they needed to do as asked them to step to her right and complete whatever forms they needed.  Then she called the next person, a woman, who was mailing something overnight.  She provided the woman with what she needed and asked her to step to her left and complete the overnight form.  Then she called the next person, a young man, with multiple small packages.  The clerk, Diane, accepted his packages.  When he paid the cost and left, Diane, asked the young men to her right, if they could wait a minute because they needed more attention from her.  There were about eight people on line.  They were very agreeable, so she took care of the woman sending the overnight envelope.  She was pleasant and patient while she helped the customers.

While I was standing there, next on line, a blond man came out from the back and told her that some form she had completed needed changing and then, called out in a loud voice, "Anybody here to pick something up?"  Some people went to his station at the desk. 
Since I recognized this man as the clerk who was so rude to me last year, I determined that under no circumstances would I have him wait on me.  So, I was very happy when Diane called me to her station.  I immediately commended her on her ability to multi-task.  This was the first time I ever saw that in any Post Office.  It was awesome.

In my opinion, that's the way all postal clerks should act.  She was pleasant and most efficient.  I completed a survey, commending Diane and suggested to the people behind this survey that they make a training video of her efficiency for other Postal Clerks.

Kudos to Postal Clerk, Diane, at the Wm Taft Post Office in Clairmont, San Diego (Zip code 92117).

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